Each of us is the hero in our own life story.

Through self-care and personal discovery, we have the capacity to reach our fullest potential. It often takes a crisis, a blunder, or simply the yearning from within to foster change.

In 2013, when my youngest daughter left for college, I experienced “empty nest syndrome”.  A few months later, I lost what I considered my ideal job, the culmination of a thirty-year career. I began to suffer from low energy, depression, and excess weight. I felt empty, as though I was tumbling into a downward spiral. I needed new purpose. I wanted to find a way to live and work on my own terms. I wanted to feel good, but was uncertain about how to start, and overwhelmed at the prospect of re-inventing myself.

Gratefully, with the support of a wonderful coach, I was forced to take a hard look at me. I knew I wanted to change, and grow, but the first steps for me were frightening, confusing, and overwhelming. It wasn’t a straight path to wellness, but with each step I discovered something new about me.

I began to tap into my strengths and  build positive habits. For the first time I my life, I started to prioritize self-care. Today I feel energized and grounded. I love my life.

My personal experience drove me to become a health and wellness coach. Coaching allows me to align my values of health and wellness, meaningful work, and community. Life just keeps getting sweeter.

As your coach, first and foremost, I honor you as the expert in your life, as you create the change you desire. Whether your goal is establishing and sustaining a health-promoting behavior, increasing your life satisfaction, or developing a new sense of purpose, I bring skills and tools to assist you in becoming your best self.

What you can expect from me is:

  • A confidential and safe space for self-discovery.
  • Coaching grounded in who you are, using evidenced-based methods and resources.
  • A growth mindset: I am here to assist your growth, not judge or fix.

I offer a 30-minute complementary session to explore whether our coaching relationship would be a good fit.

“The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.”

Joseph Campbell

Your Wellness Vision

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  • This 60 minute phone session is devoted to creating your personal wellness vision. We will explore your values, strengths, and priorities for living your best life, and resources to support your first steps of change.
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Lasting Change Coaching Package

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  • This package consists of four weekly 30-45 minute sessions. These phone sessions are an opportunity to get clear on where you want to go, and how to get there. Whether you are moving through an important life change, or if you desire to improve your quality of  life, or health, together we will explore how to achieve your goals.
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